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IPC JSTD - Manassas VA

Monday September 16, 2024 through Friday September 20, 2024

IPC JSTD CIS - Mon - Thurs

IPC JSTD CSE - Mon - Fri

IPC JSTD CIT - Mon - Fri

Space Addendum - Fri

Event Location

Circuit Technology, Inc
c/o Zestron
11285 Assett Loop
Manassas, VA 20109

Payment Information

Please contact us to arrange payment. Payment is due in advance of the commencement of the class. 844-900-2884 or

Additional Info

Class hours are 8am to 5pm daily with an hour for lunch

Descrip Starts Ends Reg. Price
JSTD Recertification / Challenge test only - All certification levels $1,045.00
JSTD + Space Addendum Recertification / Challenge test only - All certification levels $1,250.00
IPC JSTD CIS $1,650.00
IPC JSTD CSE $1,790.00
IPC JSTD CIS + Space Addendum $2,050.00
IPC JSTD CIT $2,950.00
IPC JSTD CIT + Space Addendum $3,550.00
More Details About IPC JSTD - Manassas VA

Full certifications include the spec / textbook and all required workmanship kits

Recertifications / challenge tests can be scheduled Tues-Thurs and do not include spec / textbook


Caitlin Samples
p. 844-900-2884


Patty Frenzel