On-Site Training - Book online!

Circuit Technology offers on-site training for IPC courses, recertifications, and customized training.  Should you have a group of individuals in need of training, on-site training may be the most effective way to accomplish your goal.  We will put together a customized proposal based on your requirement and the number of students.  

Our on-site training includes:

  • Training and testing
  • Instructor travel and lodging 
  • IPC specs / textbooks
  • Student workbooks
  • Soldering stations, tools, tips (hands-on courses)
  • Microscopes (hands-on courses)
  • Workmanship kits (hands-on courses)
  • Laptops for testing (if needed)

Site Requirements:

  • Wireless internet connection
  • Projector screen for instructor presentation
  • Workstations / tables
  • Flux and solder

Our standard offerings related to on-site training are listed below—if you are in need of a quote or a customized class please reach out to us via email (caitlin@circuittechnology.com) or by phone at (844) 900-2884.  


IPC Courses

Most are available for certification to the CIS, CSE, and CIT levels

Soft skills, maximum class 15 students, 3-4 days

Soft skills + hands on, maximum class size 12 students, 5 days


Circuit Technology Courses


We are now accepting on-site training reservations online!  See available upcoming dates below.  

In order to utilize the online system you will need to know all of the student's names, email addresses, and phone numbers to register them for the course.  If you would like to reserve the date but do not know this information, please email caitlin@circuittechnology.com for a custom quote and to request a "hold" on the date.