General Questions

Below is a list of some of the more frequently asked questions. Click the question to reveal the answer below.

IPC no longer allows us to grant extensions.  However, you can recertify up to 6 months prior to your certification expiration date.

IPC allows us to teach soft skills courses virtually (600, 610, 620).  JSTD has soft skills and workmanship components--therefore, we can teach soft skills virtually (2 days) and workmanship in person (2) days for custom / on-site courses.  7711/7721 is primarily a workmanship course, and cannot be taught virtually.

The minimum requirement to receive JSTD certification is Module 1—this would take 1 day and does not have a hands-on / workmanship component.  All other modules require hands-on / workmanship.

Log in to the Edge 2.0 portal. Go to the class. Make sure that your Profile is complete. If it’s not complete you will not be able to get your certificate--click on “Update Profile” and check. Make sure all items with asterisk marks are completed and click on “Update”. Once that is complete, log back into the portal. Click on the spec (ex: 610) icon at the bottom of the page. On the new page, scroll down and open Module 1 and click on “Certificate of Completion”, which will take you to another page.  Click on “Get My Certificate”.  Once completed and opened, the certificate will be available on the right side of “My Courses”. You can also print from there.

4-8 hours, we recommend setting aside 1 day.  Recertifications do not include the spec (texbook) or review--it is test-only.