6012 Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards

The IPC-6012D standard Establishes and defines the qualification and performance requirements for the fabrication of rigid printed boards.

IPC received hundreds of requests from companies worldwide to support this critical standard with a formal training program that recognizes individuals as qualified instructors and Certified IPC specialists. Now, IPC has an industry developed and approved comprehensive training and certification program based on IPC-6012D that gives companies all the tools they need to increase employee skills and performance. With supporting images from the IPC-A-600J, the IPC-6012D program incorporates content from both standards giving the students the technical knowledge to remain highly competitive in today's market.

The IPC-6012 Technical Training Committee has developed an additional, optional CIS module to train the specialist on the differences in the requirements between the base, IPC-6012 document and the additional or changed criteria required when the IPC-6012 Space Addendum is invoked by contract.

The IPC-6012 Space criteria is contained in the CIT material. All candidates who successfully complete the IPC-6012 Certification course will be certified to deliver the optional IPC-6012D Space CIS course.