Virtual IPC Training Classes

Virtual IPC Training Classes Now Available in Response to COVID-19

The health and safety of our employees and customers is a top priority for Circuit Technology and IPC.

IPC recognizes the unique and unexpected challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has created for the electronics manufacturing industry, and the training community. While this situation is still evolving, there are specific steps IPC felt they could set into motion to help address some of these challenges, one of them being remote training with a live instructor.

Circuit Technology is pleased to be able to offer remote training for the specs and dates listed below. Classes will be considered tentative until class capacity has reached 5 people.  Once capacity is met, you will receive an email confirming the class. 



IPC-620 Rev C

IPC-620 Rev D

If you would like to re-certify / challenge test remotely for a spec during one of the classes listed below, please email and we will provide scheduling options as well as a quote.

If you have a group of 4 or more interested in virtual training for 600, 610, or 620, please contact us to learn more about our Circuit Technology VIRTUALPlus program.


Thank you for being a Circuit Technology customer. 

Caitlin Samples

Vice President, Training Services