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IPC JSTD - Smithfield NC

Monday December 12, 2022 through Friday December 16, 2022

IPC JSTD CIS - Mon - Thurs

IPC JSTD CSE - Mon - Fri

IPC JSTD CIT - Mon - Fri

Space Addendum - Fri

Event Location

Circuit Technology, Inc
132 Citation Lane
Smithfield NC 27577

Payment Information

Please contact us to arrange payment. Payment is due in advance of the commencement of the class. 844-900-2884 or

Additional Info

Class hours are 8am to 5pm daily with an hour for lunch

Descrip Starts Ends Reg. Price
JSTD Recertification / Challenge test only - All certification levels $1,045.00
JSTD + Space Addendum Recertification / Challenge test only - All certification levels $1,250.00
IPC JSTD CIS $1,650.00
IPC JSTD CSE $1,790.00
IPC JSTD CIS + Space Addendum $2,050.00
IPC JSTD CSE + Space Addendum $2,190.00
IPC JSTD CIT $2,950.00
IPC JSTD CIT + Space Addendum $3,550.00
More Details About IPC JSTD - Smithfield NC

Full certifications include the spec / textbook and all required workmanship kits

Recertifications / challenge tests can be scheduled Tues-Thurs and do not include spec / textbook


Caitlin Samples
p. 844-900-2884


Angel Deluna