What is a Certified Standards Expert (CSE)?

IPC has created a new designation outside of the traditional Master IPC Trainer (MIT), Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) and Certified IPC Specialist (CIS). The new Certified Standards Expert (CSE) was added to fill the void for people who want a higher level of training without intending to train others. CSEs are not required to train others to keep their certification. CITs are usually employees of companies that train in house. CISs are typically part of the organizations direct labor force. CSE is the alternative to CIT for those who’d like the higher level of training but do not need or intend to be a trainer. CSEs will need to successfully test out to the enhanced policies and procedures, general knowledge and standard endorsement exams to certify. The CSE certification is valid for the same two-year term as all other IPC certifications.